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New!!! Applique patterns by Grannie G

If you had asked me ten years ago about quilting, I would have said something like - What?  Cut up fabric into little pieces and sew them back together. Not in this lifetime. Now I quilt, and hand quilting is my specialty, as well as appliqu� and hand piecing. 

After I began quilting, I kept finding the shops didn't carry a lot of the tools I wanted.  I wanted the really good scissors - and only one shop in 10 carried those.  Good Thimbles:  Two shops in ten carried the same brand of thimbles.  One of those shops put the thimbles on sale a few times a year.  One shop carried a chatelaine that had nothing on it.  Oh well.   One shop carried a floor hoop that fell over when a quilt was in it, and one shop carried a frame and the same tripod based hoop that fell over with a big quilt in it.  And none carried a thimble cage or thimble holder.  That was before year 2000.   By 2005 one shop carries two brands of quality thimbles. Hence, I began this business, starting with Jasmine Heirloom products.     
Do you know that a hundred years ago, one of the most prized possessions a woman had was a sterling thimble. It was kept in a little basket with a lid, a hinged clam shell, or kept in a special place near, but separate, from the other sewing materials.  It was the most important tool.  Instead of asking what size needle do I use, people should ask what thimble do I prefer, and why.... 
I vend at local and not so local quilt shows.  I have had customers return time and time again saying "thank you" for showing them the "good stuff" and how it has changed their quilting for the better.  So take a look, and remember that the cost of a top quality thimble is only a quarter of the cost of a bed size quilt.  After the house becomes overflowing with fabric, most of which you will never use, think about expanding the repertoire of good tools.  Parc Esta sims avenue, chatelaines, sewing jewelry, tussie mussies (a wearable pin cushion piece of jewelry) porcelain thimbles, whole cloth quilts, and selected reference and pattern books.   And then, just for fun, Quilts by Donna bags and a little sterling silver for your non-quilting friends (or yourself!).

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