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Jasmine Thimbles and Needle Gliders

Jasmine have porcelain thimbles and under quilt needle gliders, they come in sizes extra petite, petite, small, medium, large, extra large, and xx large. Some are flat topped and some allow for a short nail. I wear a size 8 ring, 4.5 Roxanne thimble and a 5.0 TJ Lane thimble, and I need a petite (no joke!). They run big. The needle glider can be worn on the thumb or forefinger or middle finger, depending on how you quilt. You may find that ordering a slightly bigger size than you think you need is a good idea, as you can always pad it out a little with lambs wool. The needle glider has a little hole on the side in which I put a ribbon through it. The ribbon then can be looped over the wrist so should you "drop" it the porcelain won't hit the floor and break; it will be caught by the ribbon.

As a thimble, more people "collect" them than use them; however, if you have a sweating hand problem, you might want to consider them as a solution. Because the glaze is on the outside only, you should rinse the thimble out with a little alcohol once in a while to discourage any bacterial growth.

FYI: When at Houston a couple of years ago at the Jasmine Booth, I had one customer buy six needle gliders at a time. Why? She had purchased one a couple years earlier, loved it, and then broke it just before coming to Houston. She decided she would not be without one ever again!

 The convex surface actually makes the needle want to glide as you quilt


Nail Thimble

Needle glider


The Needleglider™
The Following are Direct Quotes from Unsolicited Letters

...I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying it (the Needleglider™). I had read a few articles about several devices for use on the under-the-quilt hand, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. All of the writers of the articles stated they still preferred bare fingers to anything they had tried. I was delighted to find that my quilting stitch improved the first time I used the Needleglider™. I love it! I'm telling all my friends how much I enjoy it.... Shannon G.

...I ordered a Needleglider™. I honestly did not think I would enjoy or use it but ordered one anyway thinking it would probably join my framed thimble collection. I was wrong, I love it! After using it for only a short time I increased my stitches per inch by one...I dropped the Needleglider™ last evening...It will be glued together and will now join my thimble collection, but I need another to quilt with. I can't imaging quilting without it.... Joy B.

...It's (the Needleglider™) the best thing since sliced bread!.... Elaine L.

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