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TJ Lane Thimbles

Probably the one with the most available fittings are the ones made by TJ Lane. The Lacy Heart is the most popular, with Angel Cloud being second. Some of the thimbles currently in only single or double sizes will have additional sizes soon. Liz, one of the most beautiful of all of TJ Lane's thimbles, comes in very limited sizing, and she is hoping to add two sizes to this design for those of us who love the thimbles.

These thimbles are excellent "all around" thimbles good for general sewing, needlework, and quilting

Materials: sterling silver; natural gemstones available for some styles

Sizes: infinite, depending on style, whole, half, and quarter sizes.
US rings sizes are used to determine thimble size as there is no industry standard for measuring thimbles. Using a ring sizer at your local jewelry store, measure your finger at the base of the nail for regular height thimbles. If you want a "tall" thimble, measure between the base of your nail and the first knuckle at a half way point.

Open thimbles: the tip of your finger should touch the inside top of the thimble; and your nail should not touch the nail guard. It should not drop off you finger when it is hanging towards the floor, and it does not need to be tight. While 99% of all fingers can be fitted with TJ Lane's thimbles, sometimes a little adjustment may be needed. If you have large knuckles, contours, or a "writers bump," I can arrange to have your thimble custom fitted. Please contact me for details and instructions. If you are wishing to have a thumb thimble, please let me know so I can arrange to have the thimble "oval'd" to better fit the thumb.

These thimbles carry a lifetime warranty, in that should it ever puncture, send $5 for postage and packing to me, and it will be repaired or replaced at the company's option, at no charge to you. TJ Lane also offers an exchange program; if your thimble for some reason does not fit properly, you can exchange it directly with the company for one that does fit.

Larger sizes of thimbles, over 5.5, require more silver, hence, there is a price increase for larger sizes. This is usually in the range of $20.00 for the larger sizes. Please call or email for an estimate.

To check for sizing, simply use a jewelers ring gauge to determine your size. The band should reach approximately half way between the cuticle and the knuckle of your thimble finger - (usually the middle finger). Not all of TJ Lane's thimbles come in all sizes, such as the "Liz" which is only in a size 4.0. Please check your size before ordering.

We attempt to keep a stock of thimbles at all times; however, occasionally we may get behind on a size or two. If this is the case, you will be notified.

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