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Roxanne Thimbles

The RoxanneTM Thimble is American made to last a lifetime and are virtually impenetrable by needles.  Each thimble is hand dye cast using bronze or solid sterling silver.  Bronze is then plated with 14K gold or sterling silver Roxanne's Thimble has the deepest dimples on the market for ultimate needle control whether you quilt, applique, cross stitch, needlepoint, etc

Roxanne thimbles
Roxanne thimbles come in whole and half sizes, in gold plate and silver plate.




Sizing:  Using a jeweler's ring sizer, place a ring from the sizer on your thimble finger; and when you reach a size that is the smallest that fits precisely at the midpoint between the cuticle and the knuckle, make a note of the ring size. This should be snug and you will not be able to push the ring past the midpoint. If your ring size is 5.5, the Roxanne size will be 6.5; so the simple formula is using a US ring sizer, fit to the midpoint, check the size, and add 1.0 and you should be fairly accurate with the fitting. Sometimes, though due to weather, diet, and other factors, you can be half a size out. If that is the case, we are always willing to exchange the thimbles until your proper size is reached for thirty days after purchase, and sometimes longer if changing from a silver to a gold plating. Gold plated thimbles tend to fit slightly tighter, so if you
are looking for a slightly snugger fit, such as wanting a 4.25 instead of a 4.5, order the 4.5 in gold plate.

Roxanne also has sterling thimbles; please call for pricing.

Roxanne International has a lifetime warranty their thimbles will never puncture. They offer full replacement in the event one does puncture through. Because the plated thimble's inner portion is of a hard metal, it is less likely to damage than the sterling one by Roxanne. Roxanne International will exchange any thimble that does not show wear. So, if for some reason you purchase a thimble, it sits in your sewing basket for three months, and suddenly you have lost a lot of weight (or gained it) and you feel the desire to "get quiltin again," you can have the thimble changed by Roxanne International; you are responsible for shipping fees.





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