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 Chatelaine "Ensemble"

This grouping is called an "ensemble" but can be split up anyway you want.  If they want to start out with just the chatelaine (the piece everything hangs from) and then add to is as desired. 



Thimble hanger
Thimble Hanger

Jenny Beyer Tussie Mussie
Jinny Beyer Tussy Mussy


angel thimbleAngel Cloud Thimble

angel charmAngel Charm

Thread winder

Thread Winder w/gem

thimble cage
Thimble Cage #870 cage(w/clasp)


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Malia's Every Day Web Special:

Order a TJ Lane thimble and Angel chatelaine, and get $20 towards the purchase of any in stock sewing related jewelry item, such as a thimble chain, cage, neck chain, charms, or another thimble.








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