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I enjoy jewelry making and I also do a little beading.  Occasionally you'll see a beaded bracelet or two; those are usually my creations.  I try to include a quilt charm or something to do with sewing to make them special for you.  If there's anything in particular you'd like made, let me know and I'll see if I can make it up for you.  I use all sterling findings, clasps, chains, etc.  If you want it in gold, I can get "rolled gold" which is better than just gold plated. 

I recently obtained a new line of  jewelry that is made from silverplate flatware (silverware) and the pieces are stunning.  I even had the owner make me a watch and to her credit, I asked for an "art deco" style and that is exactly what I got; the pattern is from 1932.  Deb researches all the patterns she uses and whenever possible will identify the pattern, manufacturer, and year the item was made.  She will even custom make jewelry.

Because of my love of beautiful things, I also carry attache cases for jewelry.  These are smaller versions of an attache case; about a half size one.  They have combination locks, and hold pendants, rings, bracelets, and all your jewelry items when traveling, or if you have a small home safe, it will fit inside too. 
Thimble cages come in various styles and prices.  The least expensive is $25, and is hung with a small width ribbon.  Then there are more ornate designs, again hung from a ribbon.  TJ Lane's are the most expensive, because there are various sizes to choose from with varying amounts of silver or gold in them. 


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