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Quilts By Donna

These are imported bags, handbags, purses, jewelry rolls, travel bags, wallets, checkbook covers, and you name it they seem to make it.

Currently I have in stock the Cathedral Windows pattern in big bags (navy or black), and a few pieces of the red log cabin, as well as the line of Copper Paisley and Purple Passion. My daughter's favorite is the copper paisley, which shocked me! As she said recently when helping price things for a show, "I never realized you had such NICE stuff!" Quilts by Donna bags are either pieced and machine quilted, or whole cloth machine quilted. They also make bed quilts, and those are made with cotton fabric, cotton batting, and are usually entirely hand quilted, at a better standard than what you see in the department stores. Even the points on a Mariner's Compass quilt I bought for myself were sharp! These products are made in China, under the supervision and production management of Kentucky resident Donna Sharp, who personally chooses the fabrics and styles.


Jackets are available in most styles. These are special orders, but seem to run fairly true to size. The sleeves are made so you can roll them up, allowing for petite or talls. Please phone for details on styles available in these jackets, or check out the web site www.quiltsbydonna.com. You will only be able to view styles, not prices. Please check with me on prices, but they generally start at around $100.00.

And to answer the question before you even think of it, no, I do not carry the patterns. These are copywrited designs! Just for the record, I have sold more of these bags than any other products that I carry. Everyone loves a quilted bag, and these are so much better than most of the bags on the market today. Generally speaking, there will be a multitude of interior pockets, pockets on the exterior, and are pieced. Further, they're made to last. I have carried a back pack while on crutches, slinging the back pack into the car, hauling it with me on crutches and swinging it around like a lethal weapon. It still looks great. A piece of advice on keeping it clean: spray with a stain guard preventative that you would use for upholstery. Especially spray the handles as they get dirty quicker than anyplace else. These can be hand washed. I have heard of folks machine washing them, but I would recommend hand washing in regular detergent with rubber gloves on. Once washed, stuff with wash clothes and towels to get it to retain its shape as it is drying. The duffle bags are huge and big enough for a weekend away for any woman. The totes are a good size; suitable to take your quilting project in. Some of the totes have snaps and hooks to make them into different shapes so they look more like a purse, then you undo the hooks, and voila = a large tote bag.

Anytime you buy multiples of one style, you will get a small discount; for example I had one lady order ten wallets last year for Christmas presents. I was lucky enough to get the number she needed in the styles/colors, and was able to offer her a discount for her volume purchase.
















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