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I sell Dovo and Ginghers.  I have a specific few in Dovo that I carry because they are the finest and of course, very expensive.  Ginghers are a nice "2nd place" scissor.  I like their 5" knife edge scissor for Hawaiian appliqué - cuts to the thread.  I have some nifty folding scissors too, but the creme de la creme of folding scissors are made by Dovo; and these are special order only items because - wait for it - they over $60 a pair.  If you want to see them, check out Jinny Beyer's book on hand piecing.  She mentions them in her book.  I have two pair; one I bought used, one I was given as my 50th birthday present.  The used ones get used, as do the new ones!


Be forewarned though about orange handled scissors and similar:  You want to know why they sell a scissor sharpener?  Think about it.  Yes, they can be sharpened; frequently, and they'll need it too.  They're okay for cutting out a dress pattern or for quilting when they're new, but I call them the replace in a year scissors.  Ginghers are replace in five year scissors, and Dovo's are give them to your grandchildren in 30 years scissors for their first quilting project.  Dovo's are, as far as I know, the ONLY scissors that carries a guarantee.
Now small snips are another story.  If all you need is a pair of snips to cut thread, then I recommend my small folding scissors.  They are great for on the go, and what is even better, they're only $7.50 a pair. 
Dovo scissors:  small scissors you can take on a plane.
Gingher scissors: not always available at discount craft stores, and recommended for Hawaiian applique. (I want to get a pic of my Hawaiian applique here).










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