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Hugo's Amazing Tape

This is what I personally use when my finger gets sore from quilting. This is self adhesive plastic that sticks to itself. Cut about a 4 inch length from it, wrap it over the sore spot on your finger, making sure the tape overlaps without interfering with the knuckle. Once on, hold the finger in the palm of your other hand, using the heat of your hand to help "seal" the tape on. This products allows you to feel even the slightest touch of the needle without getting pricked up badly. One roll will last you ages because you can reuse the tape, flip it over, reuse the other end, move it along, etc. I am still on my first roll. I also have a small amount wrapped around a film canister so when I travel, I have some with me. This is a tool I teach with too. Anyone with diabetes, breast cancer (whose affected side is the same as the under hand), anemia, lymphoma, leukemia, or any blood disorder, should use Hugo's Amazing Tape or not quilt. Since I have 2 of the above, I highly recommend this product to all I teach. Generally they buy it just because I have recommended it and allowed them a piece to use during class.

1/2" wide



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