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Jasmine Frames
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Our Heirloom Floor Frames are suitable for all your quilting, rug hooking and needlework needs.  No other quilting frame can match the unique ease of operation engineered into our design. There are two furniture styles available - the VICTORIAN in solid red oak and the CLASSIC in solid maple with matching caddies available.  Each is completely finished with a light golden oak stain and lacquer finish.  Frame heads available in 14", 18" and 24" widths.  Questions to ask when looking for a Floor Quilting Frame.


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  • No Basting
  • Infinite Tension Control Tilt Adjustment
  • Height Adjustment
  • Convenient Lighting
  • Easy Turn Knobs
  • Side Tensioning Clips
  • No Crossbar Underneath
  • 3rd Rail Slide Position
  • Narrow, Medium and Wide Widths
  • 5 Year Guarantee

The quilting frame tilts to either side, almost 180-degrees.  Just loosen the finger bolt in the slot, tilt, then  re-tighten.  When using only two rails for needlework or rug hooking, a full 180 degree tilt is achieved by setting the rails flush with the ends. Complete comfort for the arms and body is achieved with the proper tilt, which also provides excellent visibility of the quilting lines. There are five height adjustments from 31" to 37" by simply resetting the finger bolts.

Another easy-to-use and comfortable feature for your back is the three-rail system which eliminates basting. The quilt top and batting are attached and rolled onto an outer rail and the backing (lining) fabric to the inner rail, each on the same side of the frame. All three layers are joined on the opposite outer rail. Just roll off of two rails and onto one as you quilt in between. The fabrics do not come off wrinkled or go askew resulting in better and smoother tension control. Putting the quilt onto the rails and into the frame is easily accomplished by following our simple instructions included with each frame.

A unique feature of our three-rail system is that the third rail has a slide position.  This inner third rail can always be butted against the outer rail allowing you to quilt from both sides of the frame. With the 14" width frame head the entire design area can be reached from either side without repositioning the quilt on the rails. Work with multiple needles and when you need to reverse stitching direction, you need not quilt left-handed, backwards or cut your thread and find a new starting point; just tilt and move to the other side.

Some quilters are able to reach farther without discomfort on the back and shoulders and prefer a wider quilting width.  We also offer a medium width frame head with 18" between the rails and a wide frame head with 24" between the rails.

 The friction-lock system allows infinite tensioning control on the quilt between the rails - not incremental as with ratchets. For a three-rail system this is very important in order to achieve equal tensioning on the quilt top and backing fabric. This same locking system also gives the frame its stability and eliminates the need for a crossbar to be in your way. The posts are locked together when each rail is locked in place.

Another nice feature is the tensioning clips on each side. Simply stretch and clip onto the quilt for gentle tautness. No more pinning and tying. Quick and easy!

The finger bolts are easy to turn. A dowel can be inserted giving extra leverage for arthritic hands.  Each finger bolt screws into metal inserts - not just into the wood.

The rails are 1 5/8" in diameter and are available in lengths up to 11'. Multiple lengths may be purchased to save space when working on small projects. The two outer rails should be approximately 12" longer than the width of your quilt. With the third rail 2" shorter, this will leave you 6" of space on each end for excess quilt batting, backing fabric and the clips. You can work with less space if necessary.

The quilt frame can be easily disassembled for storage with work in progress while still maintaining proper tension. Just remove the two finger bolts connecting the frame heads to the posts and store in a convenient place. Or you may prefer to just tilt, lift in the middle and move the entire unit to another room. Of course, most prefer leaving it out for show!



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