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The Jasmine EasySpinnerô Hoops and Stands

Jasmine Frame           Easy Spinner     

Start a Tradition with Heirlooms to Treasure Forever.
Questions to ask when looking for a quilting hoop and stand

  • Easy Tilt and Rotation

  • Interchangeable Attachments -
    12", 14", 16", 18" and 26" Round Hoops

  • Angle and Height Adjustments on Floor Stands Easy Turn Knobs

  • Portable

  • BorderMasterô Bars for Round Hoops

  • Two Furniture Styles on Floor Stand

  • 5 Year Guarantee on EasySpinnerô Products

  • 2 Year Guarantee on Plain Hoops

We call it the EasySpinnerô Quilting Hoop and Stand because it spins for infinite rotation and adjusts for tilt with a  single movement.  The large swivel ball joint (Fig.1) allows your work position to be gradually changed without adjusting the finger bolt when it is gently taught; or if tight, it holds the work position securely

Fig. 2 Gear box

Purchase an easy spinner and 2 hoops, get a free bordermaster for the larger of the two hoops. 

EasySpinnerô Floor Hoop Stands are available in Victorian Oak, made of solid red oak or Classic Maple, made from solid hard maple.  Easy usage brings the work area to you rather than you sitting up to it.  The angle is changed with an easy lift and drop of the post into the next metal gear slot which is concealed inside the boot at the base of the post. (Fig.2)  It will not tip over.  The oval base slides under your couch or easy chair.  When several quilters work together, adjust the post to a low level with the large hoop in a flat position. 
For travel simply remove the hoop from the stand and lower the post to the flat position.  (Fig. 3)  It stands 37 1/2" tall with attachment, if vertical, and lowers to 28".  The base is 12" x 23". The swivel ball joint is hard maple.  Any size hoop is recommended. Fig. 3 Folds flat for portability

EasySpinnerô Attachments



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